Rumahoy is:

  • Captain Yarrface  -  Vocals
  • Bootsman Walktheplank  -  Guitars
  • Cabinboy Treasurequest  -  Bass
  • Swashbuckling Pete  -  Drums

Alright little pirate boys and’ve tried the rest, now it’s time for THE BEST! From the distant seafaring land of Argentina, the legendary pirate metal band Rumahoy has come to drink your rum, fire your guns, steal your wenches, and party all night long!

Led by the mysterious masked giant Captain Yarrface (the greatest pirate in the world), Rumahoy is a pirate metal band like no other, with an unmatched live show featuring the best songs you’ve ever heard. Joined by Bootsman Walktheplank on guitar, Cabinboy Treasurequest on bass, and Swashbuckling Pete on drums, Captain Yarrface has just one message for everyone: "WELCOME TO THE SEA!".


Time II: Party

Released October 25th 2019

  1. Cowboys of the Sea
  2. Time to Party
  3. Treasure Gun
  4. The Legend of Captain Yarrface
  5. Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla
  6. Poop Deck Party
  7. The Beer From My Town is Better Than Yours
  8. 1000 Years of Dust
  9. Full Mast
  10. Stolen Treasure

The Triumph of Piracy

Released Feburary 9th 2018

  1. AHOY! [Video]
  2. Quest for Heritage [Video]
  3. Forest Party [Video]
  4. The Haitian Slam
  5. Huffman, the Pirate King
  6. Kill the Trolls
  7. Netflix and Yarr
  8. Pirateship [Video]
  9. The Triumph of Piracy


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